Tenant Screening, Employment Verification & Bankruptcy in Denver, CO

Employment Reports

The public relies on organizations to be trustworthy and dependable. A staff member or volunteer who commits a crime can expose your organization to intense public scrutiny and damage your reputation. Organizations should screen volunteers as carefully as employees performing similar duties.
  • Employment credit report includes the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Criminal search from the states which the prospective employee has lived
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Record search for current license
  • Workers' Compensation Records from the state in which the prospective employee lives

*Please note some reports require notarization. Please contact our office for further details.

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Attorneys in the community service a variety of needs for their clients. Upon receipt of authorization from their client the following Trans Union ™
reports may be obtained by attorneys.
  • Consumer credit report with decodes inclusive of addresses and phone numbers can be provided for BANKRUPTCY ONLY. Note that a specific authorization form for this purpose must be used and the attorney must be an approved member with a clear permissible purpose and supporting documentation.

Find out more BECOME A MEMBER NOW Download a Client Services Application, call 1 303.825.8469 or click here to submit a request for information. Tenant Application Screening Packet Credit information must be used for permissible purposes only. Unauthorized access is a crime and may result in federal prosecution. Customers are required to retain supporting documentation for each transaction.

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Authorization for credit check

Membership Application Packet

Business & Experian Reports

Business Profile Report (BPR)
  • This report is a comprehensive business credit report designed to give you all the detail available in Experian's database.
  • Listing over 14 million entities, the BPR provides all the information needed to help you determine the customers' ability to pay.
  • It includes current information from trade vendors, non-trade auxiliary suppliers, plus 6 month and 5 quarter trending reports, Standard & Poors financial statements when available, UCC and corporate filings.
  • Public Records, Tax Liens, Bankruptcies, and Collections.
  • Commercial Intelliscore Report.
  • Designed to give you a quick summarized report on the customers' ability to pay.
  • It tells you how the customer pays according to terms, what the highest Days Beyond Terms score has been over the last 6 months and 5 quarters.
  • Additionally, it will advise you if the debtor has filed a bankruptcy, of if liens, judgments or collections have been filed, and the total amount of the aggregate balance.
  • This is the only report in business credit that is scored.
  • Experian has developed a weighted scoring module designed to assist you in making a decision on the run.
  • Initial Credit decision at a low cost. Easily converted to a Business Profile for a nominal fee.
  • Volume users can customize the scoring process.
  • International Business Report
  • Custom compiled report. Please call Alert Credit Bureau, Inc. at 1 303.825.8469 for more information and specific pricing and turn around times.

Tenant Screening

Property owners and managers, regardless of their size, cannot afford to rent to individuals or businesses with a history of nonpayment, property damage, or criminal activity. You need to fill vacancies with tenants who will pay their rent on time, be respectful of their neighbors, and keep the property in good shape. To weed out prospects likely to become headaches in the future, property owners and managers should have a reliable tenant-screening program in place.

Alert Credit Bureau offers the following tenant-screening products and services for property owners and managers:

  • A National Credit Report. All credit reports will be provided from one of the three national Credit Reporting Agencies. Credit Reports illustrate payment patterns and include public records such as tax liens, bankruptcy, collection history and other financial payment history that helps you determine the applicant's strengths and risks.
  • Credit Scores are available. A credit scoring system is based on numerous weighted factors that help predict a potential client's financial risk.
  • Criminal, civil and evictions reports are available based on state in which applicant resides.
  • Verification of applicant's data.
  • Credit Reports are available to the client online with an approved application at no extra cost.

Tenant Application Screening Packet